Auction Questions


Q: When can I preview the auction?
A: In normal circumstances a preview is available 2 days prior and 1 hour before the auction begins.

Q: Do you have a buyer's premium?
A: We have a 4 percent buyer's premium that is waived if you pay by cash or by check with a bank letter of guarantee.

Q: How do I get a bidders number at the auction?
A: When you arrive you can visit our front desk and with a valid Drivers License we can issue you a bidders number. A bidders number does not cost you anything.

Q: When can I pay for my items?
A: You can pay for your items all at once or little by little. All items must be paid for before leaving the building, so if you want to pay for part of them and then take them to your vehicle, then buy more and pay for them later you can do that. All items must be paid for within 30 minutes of the end of the auction.

Website Questions


Q: Why do you use the same photos for the different store locations?
A: Large stores use the same type of equipment. The inventory information we gather is from an interview we conduct with the management of the local store. We do the best we can to be as accurate as possible, but are often unable to get a photo of the actual item up for auction.

Q: I signed up for your Email Newsletter but haven't received one, why not?
A: Our Email Newsletter will send you a confirmation email from: listapp-subscribe-bounce@www.yourwebapps.com . You may want to whitelist or mark "not spam" this address to prevent it from being classified as spam. You must click on the link in the confirmation email to "confirm" you actually subscribed to our Email Newsletter. If you do not click on the link in the confirmation email you will not receive the Email Newsletter. This is done to keep people from signing up other people who don't want the Newsletter. If you sign up more than once, our Email Newsletter is smart enough to only send you one update email.

Q: What is an RSS feed reader and why do I care?
A: It is a means of finding out updated information on a site without actually visiting the site. The updated information is automatically gathered by your RSS feed reader and then you check it to see what the latest auction information is. Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 7 and 8 all have the ability to read RSS feeds. If you are using Internet Explorer 6 then you'll need a second program to read RSS feeds, two free ones are: Feed Reader and RSS Reader.

Q: What web browsers do you recommend for viewing your website?
A: This website should look correct as long as you use the lastest version of any of the major web browsers: Firefox (PC or MAC), Opera (PC or MAC), Chrome (PC or MAC), Internet Explorer (PC ONLY) or Safari (PC or MAC). Other browsers may look ok, but are not tested. If you are still using IE6 please upgrade to IE8 or use a different browser, the whole web will look better to you.

Q: I think your website has a problem, who do I talk to about this?
A: You can contact the webmaster, Bob with all complaints, compliments or comments about the website. You can also contact the webmaster, Bob to be manually removed from the Email Newsletter.

Company Questions


Q: I'm thinking of doing an auction, will Watson Auction Company do it for me?
A: Give us a call (660-890-1569) or email us at:
Email: colrick17@yahoo.com to find out more about having us do your next auction.